Outsource Your Bookkeeping

Benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping and administration duties to Figurit, a progressive Australian company

Many large companies and firms are now choosing to outsource areas of their bookkeeping and administration work. In doing this they reduce their company’s overhead costs, increase profits, meet regulatory requirements on time and get to employ very highly qualified and motivated people. By using our expert bookkeepers and administration staff rather than employing a person in house to handle your company's financial documentation, you can focus on core competencies, target specific markets and increase profitability.

1. Total security of your bookkeeping and accounting data and information

You can outsource any bookkeeping or administration work of your choice and know that your data and information is totally secure and confidential. Accessing of data is either by using remote access to your server, utilising the cloud with online software, Dropbox and Google Drive or overnight bags paid for by Figurit. We can back up data using several secure systems if requested. We are happy to sign Non- Disclosure agreements with you and our employees at the onset of the project if required.

2. Efficient and positive services

While your enterprise concentrates on the business activities that increase turnover and profits or value added services, we will get all your bookkeeping work completed on schedule without errors. With your bookkeeping always up to date and accurate, you can access your Financial Reports to use as powerful tools for your planning and budgeting.

3. Figurit – Not just bookkeepers

Whether your business enterprise requires financial analysis, bookkeeping or administration services the team at Figurit can assist you. As your partner, we can help you with critical financial work as well as seasonal workloads.

4. Take advantage of our expertise

Our team has gained extensive experience by meeting the unique requirements of diverse customers. With such expertise, you can be sure of cutting-edge bookkeeping and administration services.

5. Tailoring financial services to your needs

We understand that each organization works differently and has unique needs, so at Figurit, we follow a unique collaborative approach to provide our customers with tailor-made bookkeeping and administration solutions. With all your requirements met in a personalized manner, you can save on cost and also commit the time you’re saving to building and marketing your business.

6. Cost savings

By outsourcing, you can get access to highly accredited bookkeepers and administration staff at a lower cost than fulltime staff. You save on costs associated with employment, such as superannuation, annual and sick leave entitlements and infrastructure costs that are a necessary part of employing staff. Outsourcing solves all the problems of spending large sums of money on finding and retaining administration staff.

7. Our technology is cutting edge

Our computers, web-enabled software, scanners, printers and cloud based solutions are all the latest technology. Internet networks are fast and secure. The overheads your business would incur to purchase this hardware and software for in house would be extensive. This high-end workflow technology along with time tested processes and qualified staff enable us to provide quality bookkeeping and administration services that are accurate.